Website Hosting for Bloggers

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We will talk about website hosting for bloggers after throwing some light on the concept of website hosting itself. Then only the discussion on the website hosting for bloggers will be all the more effective and useful.

Website hosting includes all the tasks that are performed to make a website visible and noticeable to its target audience. Basically a website is consisted of many items such as texts, pictures, audio and video clips, interactive buttons and so on. They are stored in a place technically called servers which are immensely fast giant computers. Now these servers are available on subscription basis to the website owners for a specified time span after which they required to be renewed. When a user opens a webpage he is actually accessing the contents stored in the servers.

how to choose web hostWhat is a blog: A blog can be viewed as a platform to express your feelings, thoughts and ideas before the world. It is a record of the various actions and experiences of your day-to-day life specially the worthy ones. It is in a way like keeping a diary the main difference being that here the medium is the internet, the most the powerful tool of our age. Another difference is that it is interactive meaning others can also comment to your writings and express their view about your statement.

Hosting for Bloggers

As blogging is not merely a hobby anymore but also becoming a means for earning it is getting popular day by day. But there are some technical aspects involved in it. If you want to have the blog of your own then you must get a domain name and a web hosting service. Both the tasks can be managed by a single company and also by two different companies as well. One must go for detailed study before what best suits his purpose between these two.

Free blogs vs. Paid blogs

The beginners often go for free blogs and consider paid blogs as wastage of money. However with the passage of time as they gradually become enlightened they start realizing the drawbacks and hurdles of free blogs and tend to abandon them in the long run. The free blogs are better off for the beginners because here they can try to brush up their skill through constant exercise. However free blogs are not recommended for the habituate and harden bloggers. There are many blog hosting companies fighting in the arena. Among them FatCow Hosting, HostGator, Arvixe hositng etc. are worth mentioning. These hosting companies offers great discount offers to new customers and webmasters. You can choose any of these hosting and buy their hosting package at best price using their coupons like Arvixe coupon code offers you 20% lifetime discount at shared, VPS and dedicated hosting plans.

Website Hosting for Artists

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Before we start discussing anything of Website hosting for artist it would be worth giving an overview on Website hosting itself.

Website hosting is the task of making a website visible to the intended users through internet. A beautiful website might be created at any time but in order to showcase it throughout the world website hosting is the prerequisite. Without it the website is of no use except for the creator himself.

What is actually done in web hosting?

hosting typeWell, let’s explain it in simple terms. We can all see that when we open a webpage different things appear as we scroll through or click in. They might be pictures, music, writings, movie clips, charts, and so on. Now the question is where they come from within seconds of your click?  The matter of fact is that there is a storage which the owners of every website have to hire to keep the materials of their website safely and securely so that they can be summoned whenever their intended customers or users wish to view them. Such storage places are known as servers which are computers with ample specification. Now these servers are available on rent to the subscribers for a specific time frame after which they have to renew the subscription once again. So this whole process of making arrangement of the server system and assigning them to the users is what we call web hosting.

Website hosting for artists: Now that we have a basic idea about the concept of web hosting, we can proceed to our prime discussion i.e. website hosting for artists. Artists are often desirous of showcasing their artwork before the world for recognition. But being totally unaware of this field it is quite difficult for an artist to choose the right web hosting platform for him. However there are numerous companies that offer web hosting services specially customized for the artists. Those services are designed in such a way so that they can be easily used and utilized by non-technical persons. Actually these are not web hosting companies such as Hostgator with their great deals like Hostgator 1 cent hosting or 30% OFF shared hosting plan etc, but agents working between the main web host and the artist.

Eliminating the middleman: It would be a better option for the artists, if they can eliminate the middleman and hire their service of their own from the service provider. It helps in cutting down the cost which is absorbed by the agent. All they have to do is to make some study in this field and accumulate the required knowledge only to the extent where they would be able to choose which one would be the best option for his specific purpose.

Web hosting services for artists: There are so many companies that offer services for the artists. WordPress is given free by some web hosting service providers for its subscribers. It is however very useful and effective and can be proved to be a very powerful tool for an artist.

Essential qualities of Website hosting for artists: First and foremost it should be simple, attractive and orderly offering ease of operation for the users. It should at the same time be capable of drawing attention of a visitor once he or she accesses the webpage. The person should be prompted to navigate through the entire collection. The page should not be cluttered with scrolling and flashing ads which distract the viewers’ attention. That is very unprofessional and gives the impression that you are not sound enough to have your own domain. Last but not least it should render adequate reasons as to why they should love and buy your artwork.

Website Hosting – What Features Do I Need?

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Website Hosting: An Overview

It is a kind of internet service which involves the job that enables a website to be visible on the internet so that it can be accessed and used by the internet users throughout the globe.

What does it do?

As we all have seen that a inside a webpage there are different materials like picture, video clips, plain texts, buttons and even more and are readily available for us whenever we open the webpage. Now the question arises where are they kept stored. The answer is that the owner of the website had to take that space on rent to safely store the items so that his intended customer can view the webpage along with all these items at any point of time. These store houses are called servers and are allotted to the users in lieu of specific amount of subscriptions. This process of providing the servers to the subscribers on rent so as to make their webpage visible to the world is called website hosting.

Web Hosting Feartures

Choosing the Best Featured Website Hosting:

First of all there are different types of webhosting in the internet field. Some important names are listed below –

  • Shared web hosting
  • Dedicated web hosting
  • Cloud server hosting
  • Managed web hosting
  • Clustered server hosting

 Now each of them is having its own merits and demerits too. Besides each is designed to serve and suit specific purposes. So the user must be capable enough to decide the most suitable one that can best satisfy his specific requirements.

However in any case irrespective of which form of the above stated hosting you are opting for, there are some common aspects which are to be crossed checked everywhere.

Common Features to Look for While Choosing Web hosting Service:

Reliability: This should be the pre-condition for any web deal whatsoever. The company must be reliable not only in its words alone but also in its actual actions. There should be a congruity between what was promised beforehand and what is offered in the long run.

Service Quality: This is another indispensable aspect of any service provider. The company should not in any way falter in providing the assigned services to the subscriber under any excuse. Rather it should strive constantly to deliver the best of its quality 24*7.

Customer support: It is also a benchmark of the reliable customer service providers. They should be happy to help in the true sense of the term. It is their prime duty to attend your call no matter whether it is midnight or dawn and fix your problems as early as possible.

Price-effective: In today’s competitive business arena a company should offer its product or service at an affordable price to outrun others in the tug-of-war. So the user should survey the market and compare all the offers and finally decide on. However one should not concentrate only on price neglecting all the other important aspects and what is more is that he should not sacrifice quality in lieu of economy of price.

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